Gino Cuperus is an ambitious personal trainer with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. After practicing different sports and following the CIOS (Dutch education for Sports), Gino came into contact with the aesthetics of competing in bodybuilding in which he participated on a national level, and as a coach has ended up with 2 Dutch national titles with his guidance so far. Although graduated as a physiotherapist, he discovered that his heart was more in the fitness industry, in which he still passionately works to this day. Gino works with everyone on an individual basis, focused on long-term goals through constant, challenging and varied training, where the aim of the client or athlete and the knowledge of the personal trainer as a thread through the guidance walk.


  • competition coaching and fitness / bodybuilding coaching
  • hypertrophy training
  • (extreme) weight loss
  • advice on nutrition and supplementation
  • core training
  • sport specific strength training

Gino Cuperus

Personal Trainer